Does commenting actually gets you some?

First of all thank you to the one person who left a comment here. I once run a blog with a much nicer layout, photos, all those mouseonover fancy CSS tags. I got lazy recently and with changes at my old mother server, I have not have the time to spruce up this blog.

It will be done, however, as soon as I head back to good old Land of the Great White North (ie Canada) in a month. For the moment, Brazil is keeping me busy with its many party invitations.

So the food for thought I’m offering on the table today is: does commenting (on a blog, in popular social network websites, twitter, Livejournal communities etc…) actually get you some? You know, would posting a comment semi-intelligent (or heck, just saying the right things at the right time) eventually get people laid and stuff?

Now this is a serious question and I am actually wondering and my question is targeted specifically to those sites where one has the chance to interact with total strangers (so in this case I count Facebook as an out). The reason I ask is that being a member of (CS) and a blogger myself, once in a while I see or even get (usually unwanted) solicitation for some more intimate get-to-know than I care for. And my question is then- what would be the stats of that? Would the guy do the approaching, or the girl? How much time does it take? What kind of conversations are involved? etc.

I ask because I have once done a lingustics project on conversations in real-time via MSN (yes, I studied once, in a place called University of Toronto). And recently I’ve been approached by a. a Lesbian via CS community b. some random guy apparently from Amsterdam, NL (! and no, you guys being in the finals of the World Cup won’t get you anywhere, sorry). To both I’ve taken the easiest and fastest approach- turning my back (ahem, virtually) on their comments and questions.

One of the most popular threads in the CS Toronto is actually this spanish/Latin guy openly posting a question in the forum asking if any girl would like to go to the museum with him and then potentially if everything goes well have sex after. That thread probably generated a sort of revival of the CS community in Toronto and sees a record high of hits and replies ever in any CS community I’ve joined.

Last I’ve checked the thread, the guy still didn’t get laid.



About ritapang

Twenty-something waiting for the next big thing. While waiting for money to grow on trees, I consume coffee/tea/alcoholic beverages, complain about the weather, blog about travel or think about travelling, talk about food and stare at good-looking men.
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4 Responses to Does commenting actually gets you some?

  1. Perry says:

    Thoughts like this make your blog very interesting. It is like talking to a friend off guard and in complete protection of privacy.

    The first thought which comes to my mind that even if such a thing leads to those encounters, its a bloody long and circuitous way; not worth all that effort by design.

    Having said that, let me also add that the real life is stranger than all fictions and more illogical than most stupid thing one can ever imagine. Every time you think you know it all, someone comes up to give you yet another lesson. Don’t be surprised by anything. Let the life unfold in its own mysterious ways. Its not worth the effort to try predicting the next thing happening in your life.

    And yes, BTW, I left the note because your comments were very thought provoking and not for any other reason. Keep sharing your thoughts on the blog, and wish you all the best in your life.

  2. ritapang says:

    Hi Perry,
    Given the fact that wordpress allows the author of the post to first view blog comments, allow me to thank you again for the courtesy you’ve shown in posting.
    The said “dutch guy” in question left a comment which I chose not to post because I wanted to blog to express thoughts and hopefully share an interesting conversation with people, not for anything else. Being solicited for “hot sex”, I find personally to be offensive since for me it implies that I’ve said something offensive enough to provoke such commentary.

    Looking forward to your future drop-ins. Take care.

  3. Hey Rita!

    I guess it’s almost like an social space? It’s fully possible to walk into a bar and get laid in a short time and the same thing I guess goes for virtual spaces… However, I guess just as in real life a little more than “hey you want to have sex?” is needed to actually get you some… also in general I guess Internet means that there’s less of a chance for sudden drunk impulse “buys” 😉

    Take care!

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