I just unfriended a lot of people from my Facebook account. It feels strangely liberating.

“Emily Lee” popped up on my Facebook feed and I struggled to recall who that person is. I sometimes wonder what people use Facebook for – to stay reconnected, or to put up photos tagging #instagram in hopes of someone clicking “likc” on the page?

346 connections have just been removed. Since when did we let Facebook govern our social network?

I can still recall the day when Windows 3.1 appeared before me. I told my friend Wella that she’s “got the coolest computer ever”. We then went out to her living room to watch Breaker High on TV. Yes, the days when kids watch TV instead of going on surfing the net.

Well, find me on Twitter if you wanna talk. 🙂


About ritapang

Twenty-something waiting for the next big thing. While waiting for money to grow on trees, I consume coffee/tea/alcoholic beverages, complain about the weather, blog about travel or think about travelling, talk about food and stare at good-looking men.
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