So I’m like, all that.

I am someone who blogs infrequently and relocates relatively frequently. Nerd extraordinaire.

I excel in the craft of dodging pigeon shit and I’m a translator whose work involve translating anything from business to academic works, to rendering love letters legible from a smitten man to a woman who’s clearly into him for nothing more than a Green card.

Thanks for stopping by.


4 Responses to So I’m like, all that.

  1. Perry says:

    Very interesting blog……look forward to read more of your travel and encounters

  2. Ambrose says:

    I wish I could have the courage to do what you have done.

  3. ritapang says:

    Ambrose, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t think much and set off. Maybe that’s the greater sin. You’d probably did a better job by sticking around and thinking out your actions. Kudos to that!

  4. Ambrose says:

    Hi Rita, thanks for stopping by too. I wish I did even half of the planning you thought I did, but no, nothing was really planned out. So it would probably be better if I just travelled… Anyway, Happy New Year!

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