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Twenty-something waiting for the next big thing. While waiting for money to grow on trees, I consume coffee/tea/alcoholic beverages, complain about the weather, blog about travel or think about travelling, talk about food and stare at good-looking men.


I just unfriended a lot of people from my Facebook account. It feels strangely liberating. “Emily Lee” popped up on my Facebook feed and I struggled to recall who that person is. I sometimes wonder what people use Facebook for … Continue reading

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A series of unfortunate public misdemeanor

So recently I’ve come to the revelation that I happen to be one of those poor souls who’s always stuck at either witnessing a bit too much personal misdemeanor in the public sphere. Somehow in the course of around 2 … Continue reading

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Which (Japanese) flag is it anyway?

As it is in any global crisis, there are always rumours and misconceptions and misinformed ideas circulating around the world. What with the power of internet and social media channels, it’s too easy to fall victim to ideas such as … Continue reading

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They’ve got dumplings

A Toronto restaurant review I have to admit that as much as the photos of rats running free on top of sacks of flour scared the living daylights out of me, I remain a loyal fan of the Dumpling House. … Continue reading

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Doodling about Noodle

A Torontonian restaurant review It is common practice for most Cantonese restaurants to offer up whatever that’s available in the kitchen , but once in a while one of these restaurants would focus on one staple and become pretty famous … Continue reading

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Cheapskatin’ in Paris

Did you silently scream “quel horreur” when you saw the bill after downing a couple of drinks at a restaurant? Or get frustrated when you can’t find affordable grub near the Eiffel Tower? Chances are, well, you just didn’t find … Continue reading

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The people who I’ve become close friends with in Belgium or Paris might recall that my one year in Belgium was marked by various illnesses; I’ve never been so ill in my life save that one year. Basically most of … Continue reading

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